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(pages: )


To install your chat system you have to put the following script on every page where you want the Chat to work:

The script must be places just before the ending \"\" tag on the html code of each page.

In many cases this can be achieved be placing it once in the code that represents or generates the footer of all pages.

To operate your chat system you need to use one of the following software clients:

Windows software client:

Download the client form the link below, install it on your Windows computer and start chatting.

Windows client installer

Android software client:

Download the .apk installation file form the link below, install it on your Android device and start chatting.

Android client installer

Web client:

Navigate to the link below to start chatting via our web client.

To the web software

Your access credentials are:


Username: admin


You can change the password using the \"Account info\" section above.


NameIs requiredOptions

(add copy) (delete)

Determines whether sub accounts should be automatically generated once the visitor requests chat.

Subject settings

This information will appear on the auto generated review pages.

Review box settings


Please type in the prefix of the Fliber pages integrated into your website. Normally this information will be filled in for you during setup.


(save) (suspend)(resume)(delete) (reset password)
Name Date Visit Email Location Contact Details Twitter Linkedin Facebook [Parser_InvalidStringReference(Reference = Account.Visitors.Website)] Profile Picture Age Group Phone No.

This feature is not allowed with current package, please upgrade the package.

Facebook Allowed

Telegram - Coming Soon
Skype - Coming Soon
WeChat - Coming Soon
Line Allowed

Location of the review box on your website

The review popup is the user interface that allows visitors to view existing reviews and add their own reviews.

Please tell us on which pages of your website you want the review box to appear. (\"all\" is a valid answer\")

Search engine rating integration

The search engine stars integration allows search engines to add rating stars next to the search results related to your page. These stars can be added to your existing pages and to specially designed search engine optimized Fliber review pages.

For the separate review pages to be found by the search engines we need to place at least one link to the root page on one of the already existing pages of your website. Please specify the text of this link.

Now please specify the location on your existing pages where we should put such links. Out advice is to at least have this link on the main page. It will be better if it can be added to a footer or header visible on all pages

These prefix fill be used for all Fliber auto generated pages on your web site. These pages will be generated by Fliber, but will appears as part of your website. To avoid collision with other page names please choose a path that all URLs to Fliber pages will start with. (example:

The code for the rating stars on your existing pages will have to be inserted into the code of your website. The rating information has to appear on your website so it can be properly parsed by the search engines. To do that we will need to know the location where you want to have this information. The rating information is about 150x100 pixels. Please desribe as detailed as possible the exact location on your web pages where the rating information should appear. You can specify more than one location.

Web design contacts

Please give as the contact details of the person that is to be contacted in case of questions regarding the layout and content of the wbesite or the functional configuration of Fliber.

Technical contacts

Please give as the contact details of the person that is to be contacted in case of technical question or diffculties rated to your hosting or website.

Access credentials

To install Fliber on your website we will need to have access to the hosting and the available administration panels. In case such access can not be provided by means of credentials please fill the field at the end of this section.

Please list all available administration panels together with administrative access credentials. For each administration panel please provide and URL and access credentials (or other access instructions).

In case you can not give as access to your website for security or other reasons please tells as what kind of access you can provide.


Here you can add any other information you want us to have regarding the setup of Fliber.

Press the button below to purchase initial setup

One month domain license included.

You have: 0 in your wallet

The initial setup has already been purchased

We are working on the setup of your account. We will contact you as soon as it is ready.

Current Active Package

Package Name:

Preminum status: Not purchased

Expiration date Not purchased

Domain licenses

By purchasing a domain license you can start using the system on your own websites.

DomainActiveExpiration datePurchase

Add domain

To use the system on own of your own domain please add it below.


On the following link you can find instructions on how to install the system on your own website.

Installation instructions



Choose period



Choose Package



Choose period



You don't have sufficient funds to complete this purchase.



Additional credits to purchase


Your wallet currently has:


Suggested amounts

Amount to purchase




Purchase via iDEAL


VAT (21%):


Please select your bank

Review box preview

Type in the Url where you want to preview Fliber. Remember that you need to have a license for the domain.

Premium needed

The statistics are available only to premium accounts.

Review the chat statistics below

Pick a time range and statistics type to get the results.


Export chat statistics below


Yearly export

Custom periods


Logo image

Please upload square png image at least 256x256 pixels.

Splash image

Please upload png image at least 768x768 pixels.

Tiny header logo

Please upload png image exatly 29 pixels in height.

Promo image

Please upload png image at least 768 pixels in width.

Certificate info

Edit data

Click the button below to edit the data of the application.

Compile app



Domain Id

This id will uniquely identify your app in the App Stores. It can not be changed after the app is created. The domain id should contain only letters.

App name

Name of the app as it will appear to the user.

Source app

The configuration of the following app will be used as source for your new app.

Android certificate

Data required to issue certificate for signing the app for Android.


Sub account identifier

Please specify the identifier of the sub account. This identifier allows the system to assign pages to sub accounts.

Master user

To create an account you need to create master user for the account. There is exactly one master user for each account and this user can not be suspended or deleted.

By checking the \"Send notification email\" box you will instruct the system to send notification message to the supplied master user email address. This message will contain information about the newly create account including the username and password for the master user.

Type in part of the name or the identifier of the sub account.


IdNameIdentifierMaster userSuspendedOptions

The following account identifiers have been forbidden.


(save) (suspend)(resume)(reset password) (delete)


Location and position





Leave a message

Auto open



Available button




Not available button




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[Parser_InvalidStringReference(Reference = Account.ChatPopUp.PreferredChatLanguage)]

[Parser_InvalidStringReference(Reference = Account.ChatPopUp.DynamicChatFlowSettings)]

API key

You need the following key to access the API.

API interface

Below you will find listed all available API methods.


Method parameters

 Parameter name  Parameter editor  Parameter type 

Call sample

Call result

Select Name Location EMail Twitter Linkedin Facebook Website Contact details Profile Picture Age Group Phone Number

Customer Lead

Timestamp Flow Name Status Taxonomy Follow-up

Chatbot Flows 0

Active Flows

Inactive Flows

This feature is not allowed with current package, please upgrade the package.

Flow Mapping 0

# Domain Path Flow Name Action